Last Call to Check Out Next-Gen Medical Technology and
Healthcare Products
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Feel the pulse of the medical products industry

16-18 May 2017
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Last Call to Check Out Next-Gen Medical Technology and Healthcare Products
After two exhibition days, the HKTDC Hong Kong International Medical Devices & Supplies Fair concludes today to round out this comprehensive medical showcase. For buyers and industry professionals, this is the last call to source top medical products and uncover worldwide trends to stay one step ahead of the fast moving healthcare industry. The Fair is also an excellent opportunity for meeting and greeting as esteemed buyers, industry leaders, VIPs, exhibitors and media representatives gathered at the Networking Reception on the evening of 16 May. With many great medical minds in attendance, lasting connections were made in a spirit of celebration after another successful Fair day.

(from left) Toasting the success of the fair at the networking reception are Dr Terrence J. LaRocca, Senior International Trade Specialist, Asia-Pacific, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Office of Trade and Investment; Lucie Nebesářová, Consul-General, Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Hong Kong; Sophia Chong, Assistant Executive Director, HKTDC; Professor John Leong Chi Yan, SBS, JP, Chairman, Hospital Authority Hong Kong; Ir Prof Andros Chan, Chairman, Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association and Magdalena Kaseja-Astriab, Head of Division of Promotion, Trade and Investments, Department of Economy, Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region.

VIP Tour
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Booth: 3F-H10
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Booth: 3F-G03
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Booth: 3F-F09
The State of Illinois of the United States Pavilion
Booth: 3F-C02-3F-D05
The Czech Republic Pavilion
Booth: 3F-D15
Human Washer Ltd.
Booth: 3F-D23
Poland’s Wielkopolska Region Pavilion
Booth: 3F-E23
Ample Rich Creation Limited
Booth: 3F-G23

Medical Showcases
  Bluetooth 4.0 Body Fat Scale
Fook Tin Technologies Limited
Booth: 3G-A07
Molecular Hydrogen Deep Moisturising Facial Mask

Booth: 3G-B16
  Snoreben Rectangular Pack
Benson Medical Services Pty Limited
Booth: 3G-B06
AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

Qingdao Bright-Nanoom Medical Equipments Co., Ltd
Booth: 3G-B23
What's On - 18 May (Thu)
Exhibitor Forum
Venue: Forum Area, Hall 3F
Seminar on “Worldwide Medical Device Regulatory Updates”

Venue: Seminar Room, Hall 3F
Continuing Medical Education (CME) Workshop – Coronary Angioplasty – Update for Daily Clinical Practice 2017

Venue: Seminar Room, Hall 3F
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Opening Hour
18 May 2017 (Thu)

Buyer Registration Hour
18 May 2017 (Thu)
  Wireless Solo Call Alarm
TFE Hong Kong Ltd.
Booth: 3F-E20
Sanctband Resistive Band

Sanctuary Health Sdn Bhd
Booth: 3F-G08
Isolation Gown

Action Medical Sundries Limited
Booth: 3F-C15
Custom Procedure Trays

GRI-Alleset Limited
Booth: 3F-D06
Multi Functional Reclining Medical Couch

International Medical Engineering Company Limited
Booth: 3F-F04
Professional Massage Turbo-889

Bonnie Care Co Ltd
Booth: 3F-F16

Innovations in healthcare across the world has grown by leaps and bounds as returning group pavilions from the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association, the Chinese mainland’s Ningbo city and Pakistan are joined this year by new pavilions representing the Czech Republic, the State of Illinois of the United States, India and Poland’s Wielkopolska region.

India’s healthcare industry is an example of when technology catches up to an expansive population. Observe the country’s latest medical developments at the India pavilion.
“In business for about eight years, Madura provides a wide range of orthopaedic implants like bone crews and bolts as well as nails and plates. Our products are selling to hospitals and medical professionals in India. Overseas markets include Jordan, Egypt, Nepal and Malaysia. As one of the exhibitors in the Indian pavilion, we are participating in this Medical Fair for the first time to reach out to more international customers. We have met with many visitors from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Two serious buyers from the Philippines have approached us for our product details. I am positive about establishing business with them. This fair opens up new business opportunities. The response has been quite good so far.”
Madhur Arora, Director, Madura Orthosurge Pvt. Ltd., India (Booth: 3F-A04)
Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments

Madura Orthosurge Pvt Ltd
Booth: 3F-A04

Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd
Booth: 3F-A01
Brilliance Pro

Phoenix Medical Systems Pvt Ltd
Booth: 3F-A03
ProRad 2FC

Prognosys Medical Systems Pvt Ltd
Booth: 3F-A07
Self Seal Pouch

Rups Packaging Industry
Booth: 3F-A05
Nursing & Staff Uniform

Saraf Gartex Limited
Booth: 3F-A02
Sri City Electronics & Medical Device Park

Sri City Pvt Ltd
Booth: 3F-A10

Visit the group pavilion of companies from Pakistan as they display top-quality surgical tools including stainless steel medical instruments and dental equipment.
“In business for 17 years, Zaryab specialises in the production of surgical and dental instruments in Pakistan. Our major markets include USA, Europe, the Philippines and Indonesia. We are showcasing our wide range of high quality instruments here for the first time as one of the participating exhibitors in the Pakistan pavilion. This platform offers an opportunity to expand into new markets and find new customers. We have met with some Hong Kong buyers who showed interest in our products. Most of them have focused their attention on surgical instruments while a few buyers are keen to purchase our dental tools. ”
Gulraiz Hassan, Partner, Zaryab Instruments, Pakistan (Booth: 3F-E15)
Surgical & Dental Instruments

Zaryab Instruments
Booth: 3F-E15
Electro Surgical Instruments

Pheasant Surgical Corporation
Booth: 3F-E17
Surgical & Dental Instruments

Booth: 3F-E19

A Growing International Network
This year’s event continues to be a global showcase, featuring leading healthcare companies from Korea, Singapore and Thailand making their debuts at the Fair.
Ammi Vial Whitening

Beautiful Korea Ltd., Co. (Korea)
Booth: 3F-A16
Electrolyzed Disinfectant Generator
D&D Electronics Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3F-H20
Non-Contact Thermometer
HuBDIC Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3F-A20
Medical Glove

Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Company Limited (Thailand)
Booth: 3F-B06
Ultra Low Anti-bacterial / Viral Solution

Innovative German Technology Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Booth: 3F-J01

New Attractions
World of Healthcare
Personal health and fitness concerns are rising alongside increased societal awareness. The World of Healthcare debuts with fitness and healthcare products, health-driven foods and beverages and nutritional supplements to match the ongoing health and fitness revolution.
“Benson Medical Services is participating in this Medical Fair for the third consecutive year to promote our Snoreben and MedAir devices. Snoreben helps relieve snoring, enabling people to sleep better, while MedAir nasal device is designed to prevent oxygen waste in hospitals. Our products are selling worldwide and we are taking advantage of this fair to find more customers. We have secured some new customers here over the past two years. We are pleased to be showcasing our products at the new zone World of Healthcare this year. The feedback is absolutely fantastic. We have already received serious interest from potential buyers from Singapore, the Chinese mainland, India and the Philippines. The prospect is very promising for business cooperation. We had participated in other medical fairs in USA, Japan, India and Malaysia. This Medical Fair in Hong Kong is the best of all. The organiser has done an amazing job. The online support is excellent and people are very knowledgeable and supportive. Hong Kong really is a good place to do business.”
Richard Benson, Director, Benson Medical Services Pty Limited, Australia (Booth: 3G-B06)
OLANSI Air Purifier

Meizhou Huafu Trading Limited
Booth: 3G-B26
Fig Vinegar Rejuvenate Diet​

Amazing Delights Limited
Booth: 3F-D19A
NionPower FlewPow Foot Comforter

Health & Balance Company Limited
Booth: 3G-B22

Startup Zone
The Startup zone is where you can find groundbreaking developments and cutting-edge ideas that will shape the future of healthcare. Experience the smartest new ideas in the medical field with today’s leading startups.
“Human Washer is a business startup under the Incubation Programme of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. We are making our debut at the Startup Zone of this Medical Fair to launch our first product Sit & Shower. Our fully-automatic bathing device for hospitals and healthcare institutions can improve workforce productivity, increase bathroom safety and provide better elderly care service. The feedback has been terrific. We have met with many local and overseas visitors. So far, we have got in touch with two to three serious buyers from Singapore and Malaysia who expressed interest in distributing our device. We are also in talks with many Hong Kong contacts including hospitals and elderly care centres who want to acquire our product. This is a very good show. We have gained extensive media exposure with the organiser’s support. The open concept design makes the Startup Zone an outstanding area to draw buyers’ attention. The business matching service has also generated more business opportunities.”
Samuel Hui, Director, Human Washer Ltd., Hong Kong (Booth: 3F-D23)
Patient Specific Surgical Models

Persona Surgical Modelling
Booth: 3F-D29
Backboard Light – With Strap

Handsome Healthcare Limited
Booth: 3F-J03
Hospital & Medical Paging System
(Slim Color TFT Pager)

Kivo Tech Limited
Booth: 3F-D31

Look Incorporation Ltd
Booth: 3F-J02

Special Zones for Easy Sourcing
Rehabilitation & Elderly Care Product Zone
Technology inspires great breakthroughs in healthcare and with it, an aging population. This dedicated zone looks at senior needs and also the world of rehabilitation equipment, highlighting products such as mobility aids, orthopaedic equipment, monitoring devices and more.
“In business since 1969, Niagara specialises in the production of professional and in-home therapy equipment. We have been refining our technology over the years to offer the best possible products for customers. This is our first participation in this Medical Fair to grow our business. Special highlight is our cycloid vibration therapy device. This unique rehabilitation product can improve blood circulation, relieve muscular pains and enhance wound healing through three-dimensional vibration. We are especially interested in finding new distributors. So far, we’ve established good leads with buyers from Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and India. They appear to be keen to enter into cooperation with us. We have also got in touch with buyers from Tunisia and France as well as a Hong Kong-based doctor with business connections in Brazil. The feedback has been positive. This fair is very professional. We love the business matching service. We are happy with the results and will exhibit here again.”
Sean Crealey, Director of Operations, Niagara Therapy Limited (Australia), Australia (Booth: 3F-B15)
MOTOmed Viva 2 Parkinson Motorized Movement Therapy System

Janley Ltd.
Booth: 3F-F15
Myofascial Belt

Amazing Specialist Production Co Ltd
Booth: 3F-E22
Divided Leg Sling

WeCare Products Limited
Booth: 3F-G25

Building Technology and Hospital Furniture Zone
Experience top-level hospital design and infrastructure expertise at this zone with expert constructors, next-gen hospital security systems, medical beddings, clinical beds and crucial equipment on the front line of healthcare.
Lumbar Support

U-Med Products Ltd
Booth: 3F-D02
Medication-Bin Cart

Healthmark Medical Supply Company Limited
Booth: 3F-E01
Electric Nursing Bed

Anchor Medical Services Ltd
Booth: 3F-D10

Seminars, Events and Thought Leadership in Focus
18 / 5 / 2017 (Thursday)
Seminar on “Worldwide Medical Device Regulatory Updates”
Seminar Room, Hall 3F
English (No simultaneous interpretation service will be provided)
Ir Bryan So,
Executive Deputy Secretary General,
Asian Harmonization Working Party

  Ir Prof Albert Poon,
Associate Specialist,
Medical Device Program, SGS
Huang Jin,
Vice Secretary,
Shenzhen Association of Medical Devices

2pm -3pm
Continuing Medical Education (CME) Workshop – Coronary Angioplasty – Update for Daily Clinical Practice 2017
Dr Wong Bun Lap Bernard,
Specialist in Cardiology
Seminar Room, Hall 3F
Cantonese (No simultaneous interpretation service will be provided)

  Event Schedule >

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Buyer Feedback
“In business for over 16 years, OliveNetworks is Korea’s largest health and lifestyle store chain running over 900 stores under the brand of Olive Young across the country. We are visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to enhance our product categories. We have already established initial contact with five to six potential suppliers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Malaysia involving products like back braces, kinesiology tapes, organic teas, compressed towels, resistive exercise bands. Further negotiations will be conducted to strike deals. Initial order for back braces is estimated at US$35,000. Trial orders for exercise bands and compressed towels could be up to US$5,000 each, subject to final discussions. This fair has a good mix of medical products on offer. Some products at the World of Healthcare are also quite interesting.”
Kim Min Chae, Manager, OliveNetworks, Korea
“Established in 1949, Tech-Med Technika Medyczna is the largest supplier of home-based and personal medical equipment in Poland. In addition to OEM manufacturing, we are engaged in retailing and wholesale businesses of medical devices. I am visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to find new suppliers. This is an exciting event and I have got in touch with many exhibitors. I have already found several potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland. One of them provides personal ECG monitors, pulse oximeters and sleep monitors that look quite appealing. Initially, we aim to purchase 500 pieces for each product. Another new supplier produces blood pressure monitors and infrared thermometers. We will explore OEM cooperation with them. The fair has been clearly defined with different zones, making it easy to find suitable exhibitors. The business matching meetings have worked very well to facilitate exchanges. I have acquired many new business contacts.”
Mike Kilinski, Key Supply and Quality Manager, Tech-Med Technika Medyczna, Poland

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Around the Fairground: Event Recap for 17 May
Media Breakfast Meeting
Yesterday’s Media Breakfast Meeting was a fruitful start to the day for international journalists, industry representatives and exhibitors as they exchanged views on trends and developments in the field of medical products and global healthcare.
Ir Prof Andros Chan, Chairman, Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association
Seminar on “Advanced Medical Devices and Services from the Czech Republic”
The Consulate General of the Czech Republic and the country’s leading suppliers shared insight on medical devices and the healthcare services market in the Czech Republic.
Milan Vágner, Consul (Trade & Economy), Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Hong Kong
Zbynek Buchtik, DZO s.r.o.
Petr Foit, Sales Director, LINET spol. s r.o.
Martin Vasko, M-TRAY a.s.

Seminar on “Sparking Innovation: The Game Changers of the Healthcare Sector”
Organised by the Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association, HKTDC, Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association, the experts shared insight on how new ideas will continue to evolve in the healthcare sector.
Hanne Caspersen, Creative Director Trends, Philips Design
Dr Gabriel Y. L. Tong, Founder, TOTEX; Founder, IDMA (Innovation and Design Management Association) Ir Prof Andros Chan, Chairman, Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association (HKMHDIA)

Buyer Forum
For industry buyers, it pays to know the market well. The Buyer Forum featured an extensive market outlook and trend analysis from buyers as they addressed sourcing needs for the healthcare industry in Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.
Yeo Siew Meng, Commercial Director, Ziwell Medical (S) Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Koh Keng Hoong, Director, Felco Medical Supplies Sdn (Malaysia) Raj Singh, Managing Director, HCE Medical Group Limited (United Kingdom)

Exhibitor Forum
In a fascinating showcase, yesterday’s Exhibitor Forum included demonstrations by some exhibitors as they shared a glimpse of their innovation. Don’t miss a new lineup of demonstrations at today’s (May 18) Exhibitor Forum, held at the Forum Area at Hall 3F.

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